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Why the "Perfect" Morning Routine is Not Perfect for You

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Why the "Perfect" Morning Routine is Not Perfect for You

There exists a category of people that consider waking up at 6:00 AM to greet the sunrise while meditating in downward dog followed by sipping on a scrumptious (yet healthy!) green tea smoothie to be THE perfect morning. 


(oh and how dare I forget about the warm glass of lemon water)




At one point in my life, when I was forced to wake up before the sunrise (for my previous job as a retail pharmacist) my mornings would begin by snoozing my alarm at least 5 times. Then, about 45 minutes after the time I would ideally want to get out of bed, I would somehow muster up the energy to find my way to the kitchen, desperately seeking my coffee. When the caffeine transformed me into a functioning human being, I performed the bare necessities in regards to my personal hygiene (shower, brush teeth, etc.) and dart out the door at 6:30 AM in order to make it to work by 8:00 AM. 

What a life.

Since I have left that job (best decision of my life, by the way) I am slightly less of a hot mess in the morning. I can actually get up with one alarm, make myself look decent, and formulate a plan for my day

But if you know me at all, you should understand that I am always striving for more ways to make the most out of my day! So I grabbed my laptop and went to work. I researched and read about so many great routine ideas and began a list in my bullet journal of what I need to do in the morning to increase productivity. Once my list was complete, I thought: this will be easy and wonderful and I will now get SO much accomplished!

Turns out I was being a bit too optimistic. I tried for several weeks to implement my new routine only to fail day in and day out. I felt like I could never get this right!


Why were these routines that seemed so perfect not working for me?

1. They might be perfect for them, not for me

2. I was trying to implement too many changes at once


So I decided to make my OWN morning routine that would be perfect for ME!

The first step to creating MY morning routine: admitting that I am NOT a morning person. Although, I have always tried to convince myself that I am one. I want to get up early & start my day with the sunrise. I want to get out of bed after hearing that lovely chirping noise from my first alarm. But a lot of the time I can't! Sound familiar? If not, skip down to the next paragraph. If it does, check out my post on Tips to Become a Morning Person.


So why are all of these 'perfect, ideal, genius morning routine ideas' not working for you?

1. If you don't really want to do it, you simply aren't going to do it

2. We can only focus on building one new habit at a time (or our willpower runs out)

3. Who actually wants to drink warm lemon water?

4. More doesn't always mean better

5. You aren't prioritizing what is best for YOU

6. Waking up earlier is easier said than done



Here is my morning routine! While it may not be perfect, it works for me!


1. I start my day by doing something I enjoy!

     Planning something enjoyable as my first task of the morning makes me feel excited to get out of bed! I start my day by journaling so that I can renew my mind of my goals and what I want to accomplish. I look through inspirational quotes and pick a quote of the day to put at the top of my journal. Reading an inspirational quote every morning really helps me start off my day feeling motivated and happy!


2. Drink a full glass of water


3. Take my multi-vitamin

I take a multi-vitamin & the only way I will remember to take it every day is by setting it right on the bathroom counter so I will see it first thing in the morning.

4. Breakfast + Coffee

Coffee. Coffee. Yes, I am addicted to coffee. And I am okay with my coffee addiction because I feel that there are many worse addictions in life!

5. Make my bed

I have read that creating a habit of making your bed increases productivity for the day! Since I am all about increasing productivity, I made it a habit to start making the bed!

6. Plan my day

7. Get up, dress up, & show up!

Even though I work from home I still get myself dressed & ready as if I was going into work. Why? I realized that when I would wear sweats & look like a slob all day I felt very unmotivated. Putting on a great outfit, doing my hair and make-up makes me feel good about myself (and also prevents me from laying on the couch or bed and losing my productivity.)


What you need to do in the morning may differ from these and that's okay! What I believe is the key step to developing and sticking to a routine is writing it down and physically checking it off. This will motivate you to do it every morning, it keeps you accountable, and helps to create a habit!

So, what is YOUR morning routine? I'd love to hear if you do anything the same as me or have any advice on how to further increase productivity! Leave a comment below :)