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Why Your Dermatology Practice Needs a Blog

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Why Your Dermatology Practice Needs a Blog

Your dermatology practice needs a blog. Period. 

Dermatology Times refers to blogging as, "a very well respected and effective form of marketing that resonates with today’s internet-savvy, relationship-based consumers (i.e. patients)."

In the medical field, there are few specialties, if any, that are a better fit for this type of marketing than dermatology. Why? Because patients of both aesthetic and medical dermatology are scouring the web for information, recommendations, and answers to their questions on how they can improve the health and appearance of their skin. 

Furthermore, you most likely sell skincare products or at least make recommendations to patients, which opens up an opportunity to boost your sales online by creating blog posts about your products. 

Still not convinced that your dermatology practice needs a blog? Well, I have 4 more reasons below that prove how your practice can benefit from implementing this marketing strategy. 

1. Drive traffic to your website

This benefit is simple: provide more information on your website and you'll drive more traffic to your website. More traffic = more awareness of the services and/or products that you offer.

For example, a patient is searching for JUVEDERM products online and since your latest blog post summarized all of the JUVEDERM products, their uses, indications, and results, your website shows up in search results.

If you want to start showing up in search results, your dermatology practice needs a blog. (Along with killer content and keyword optimization, but we'll get to that!)

2. Convert traffic into leads

Once you have increased the traffic coming to your website, blogging can further help by converting that traffic into leads. By adding a lead-generating call to action at the end of each post, every blog post is an opportunity to drive sales, attract new patients, increase email subscribers, etc. 

3. Provide value

It may seem crazy to provide all of this information for free, but as times change consumers need as much free information as they can get before they make a decision or purchase.

Ultimately, each blog post should accomplish one or more of the following:

  • Share news on relevant, relatable topics

  • Educate patients on common disease states, procedures, products, etc.

  • Answer common questions that customers and patients have

  • Connect with patients on a personal level


4. Establish authority

Adding a blog to your dermatology practice website provides an online opportunity to demonstrate your credibility and authority. Think about it: if potential patients find answers to their question on your blog post, they will be more likely to trust what you have to say since you've helped them. (This ties by to providing value)

If you want to be more influential in the industry, ensure that your voice is being heard and that it's being heard frequently. The best way to accomplish this? Start a dermatology blog!


How I can help

So I may have been able to convince you that your dermatology practice needs a blog, but I know what your main concern is: time.

Crafting blog posts that drive traffic, increase conversion, provide value, and establish authority takes time. Especially now that the Google algorithm places content on a very high pedestal.

According to Forbes, "the content not only has to be lengthy, but it has to be well-written, keyword centric and highly engaging where readers are spending a good amount of time digesting and consuming that content."

Asking a dermatologist who is already busy enough to write lengthy, well-written blog posts in his/her spare time is a bit absurd! (Unless writing is something you enjoy, of course)

That's where I come in. 

I am a professional writer specializing in the areas of dermatology, health, nutrition, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. I received my Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Duquesne University, I write for FutureDerm Media and I have over 100 publications. My clients are primarily dermatologists and skincare brands, but I've also worked with nutritional companies, fitness professionals, app developers, etc. 

My writing attracts, engages, and converts.

To illustrate this, here is an example of one client's analytics after one month of working with me to provide 3 blog posts per week:

  • Number of users increased by 10.12%
  • Sessions increased by 8.53%
  • Session duration increased by 16.58%
  • Bounce rate decreased by 0.37%
  • Page views increased by 11.93%
  • Unique page views increased by 14.82%

In addition to my writing, these results were obtained by implementing a newsletter and social media marketing strategy. 

Are you ready to take your dermatology practice to a new level?

I can make it easy for you to leverage blogging as an effective marketing strategy for your dermatology practice. If you're ready to attract new patients, engage and connect with your patients, increase sales, provide value, and get more done during the day, I'm ready to start writing for you. 

Hire me for your digital marketing content, copywriting or ghostwriting.

You can view a portfolio of my work > here