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 my thoughts on honesty, integrity, & realness 


I decided to dye my hair this honey blonde color in an attempt to return to my natural color. While I love my hair being bright blonde, it was just damaging my hair way too much. I am thinking closer to summer I will freshen it up a bit with some highlights :)

#nofilter status

I have changed a lot over the years (all for the better!) and I love the person I am becoming. Growing up, I had a problem with lying. I was dishonest with my friends, my parents, and even myself. After seeing so many negative outcomes unravel due to my dishonesty, I made it a point to stop the lying once and for all.

I must admit, it is hard being so honest! I greatly dislike confrontation, so knowing that telling the truth might lead to a disagreement or causing someone to be disappointed in me makes honesty difficult at times. But I'd rather face that difficulty over facing what could happen if I lied! That is why I love the person I have become because I can now say that honesty and integrity are two qualities that I highly value.

So what does honesty have to do with my no filter selfie? I don't like admitting this, but most of the pictures I have posted on here or on social media have been edited or filtered in some way (as you can most likely tell!) While there is nothing wrong with editing and filters, I want to eliminate the feeling that I need to edit my pictures to look beautiful.

This same point applies to why I never wear foundation! Mascara, eyeshadow, even blush occasionally - fine. But foundation just feels so fake to me! Even when my skin was full of zits I did not wear foundation. Trust me, I wasn't proud of how I looked, but I still didn't want to be fake by covering it up (which would essentially just make my acne worse).





What if you had a support group? With the UNBLEMISH regimen, you don't have to tackle acne alone!

What if you had a support group? With the UNBLEMISH regimen, you don't have to tackle acne alone!

I am just 3 weeks into using my Rodan + Fields UNBLEMISH regimen and my skin is looking the best it has ever looked in my life! I still have some scarring and dark spots that I want to correct with the REVERSE Lightening regimen, but so far I am beyond pleased with my results! 






Barefaced & Beautiful - instead of covering up your problems, why not fix them with products that WORK!


It's a good feeling to be able to CONFIDENTLY post pictures with..


Heck, I didn't even style my hair besides blow drying it! ;)




  • I consider honesty & integrity to be important values so I can assure all of my followers you will always be reading my true thoughts and opinions (whether good OR bad!)
  • As I focus on building my self-confidence, I am working toward less editing and filters on my pictures
  • Instead of covering up a problem with foundation/concealer/junk that's just going to clog your pores, why not fix the problem so you can be bare-faced and beautiful! After all, the best foundation you can wear is glowing, healthy skin!
  • The Rodan + Fields products that I love and sell fix a multitude of skin issues: acne, dark spots, dull skin fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, ETC! Please see my R+F page for more information or contact me :) 


How do you feel about wearing foundation - yay or nay? What about no filter selfies? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

xo Kaitlyn