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My Best Affiliate Marketing Tips

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links.


What this post is:

A compilation of the best tips and strategies I have learned in my experience with affiliate marketing. The best part about these strategies is that once you apply them, you can start to make money while you sleep!  It will be a list that I continually add to as I find more information. 

What this post is not: 

This post will not show you how to start affiliate marketing from the beginning. If you have zero experience with affiliate marketing, I highly recommend starting with the course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner. This personal finance blogger knows her stuff when it comes to affiliate marketing: she has made over $300,000 in affiliate income from one blog post!

I found Michelle's course about 3 months ago. I had just quit my job as a retail pharmacist and was in the beginning stages of launching my blog. All the reviews I read raved about how this course was extremely informative and helpful. However, I didn't enroll in the course back then because I was being stubborn and did not want to spend any money. I could just read a few free tutorials on Pinterest, right? 


For 3 months I read as many free guides on affiliate marketing as I could.

And where did that get me?

With a lot of confusion and frustration.

Oh, and I made a whopping $30! {insert eye-rolling emoji}

I decided that I needed to invest in myself by enrolling in this course. And let me tell you, it was well worth the price! I was blown away at how thoroughly Michelle explained each specific action to take in order to create affiliate marketing strategies that work.

The parts of the course that I liked best were:

  • The lessons were split up into 6 modules, which made them easy to follow and not overwhelming
  • Each module came with printable worksheets that were helpful to take notes on and also for the future as I track my affiliate income and programs
  • The strategies she teaches are simple and highly effective

As of today (4.1.17), I am working on making my income report to show you precisely how this course has helped me. I should have the report calculated soon, but for now you can head over to Michelle's course for yourself by clicking here.

And don't forget to keep scrolling down to learn my best tips for affiliate marketing success!


my best affiliate marketing tips

·      The #1 key to success with affiliate marketing: write honest, original, and detailed reviews on the products/services you are promoting

·    If the course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is not an option with your current budget, another helpful ebook that I read is "How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours Using Pinterest" by Elise McDowell. This ebook is only $25 and is packed full of information! Elise not only shares her tips on how to use Pinterest to drive affiliate sales, she also gives information regarding other websites that help with affiliate sales (some of which I did not even know about until I read this book!) 

·    When you are just getting started with affiliate marketing, it is common to feel overwhelmed by choosing an affiliate program. My recommendation is that if you are already writing reviews for products and services on your blog, I would suggest starting with Skim Links. All you do is copy and paste the Skim Links code into the footer of your blog! Continue creating content as you would normally (with the links to the products that you are writing about) and any links to merchants that are in the Skim Links network can earn you commission! It is super easy!

·      The Amazon Affiliate Program is also an easy affiliate program to start with because it has products for everyone. Really though, who hasn’t bought something online from Amazon?

·      If you can't decide which program to join, try applying to a network such as Affiliate Window. A network will give you TONS of options to choose from when you are applying to be an affiliate. For example, Etsy is a part of Affiliate Window.

·      There are so many others besides those major affiliate programs. Your best bet is to pick a product/company that you already use and love, then Google search the name with the word “affiliate” after to see if they have a program. I did this with Target!

·      [This is the part where you can make money while you sleep!] Use direct affiliate links on social media, especially Pinterest! This means when a person clicks on your pin they will be taken straight to the product instead of having to go to your blog first and then the product. When I write a review, I create my Pinterest graphic on Picmonkey and then I duplicate it. One of the images will go from Pinterest to my blog and my blog will link to the product. The other image will go from Pinterest directly to the product. This strategy is extremely helpful for those who do not have a blog yet or who do not want to blog in general because your links can be posted right on social media! 


·     Identify your top blog posts and optimize them. You can figure out your top 5 or 10 blog posts by using Google Analytics. Make sure these posts contain at least one affiliate product.



This is the end of my list for now, but don't worry, with every new tip that I learn I will be updating the list!