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Confession: I have an obsessive need to write things down on paper.

If I have to make a to-do list or schedule something on my calendar, I physically cannot type it into my laptop or phone. Okay, well physically I could do it. But I just don't want to!

There is something about good ole pen and paper that makes my tasks, schedules, goals, ideas seem important. Most of the time, though, these papers get lost in notebooks that somehow get shoved underneath old college textbooks or find their way into a Mount Everest-like mountain on the edge of my desk. And after x amount of time these papers get thrown away when I become infuriated with all of my clutter. Therefore, I have decided that this cycle MUST end. 

One problem that I encounter is having too many outlets for what I want to write down. Before Christmas, I already owned a journal to write thoughts and ideas as well as a notepad in which I would jot to-do lists, dates to remember, random nothings. But then my Christmas presents this year included:

  • A 2017 planner (the most adorable planner I've ever owned - see below!)

  •  2 new notebooks

  • An inspiration journal that my mother made for me

Clearly my friends and family are aware of my paper obsession. Endless amount of supplies yet I still had a problem: where can I write everything so that I do not get unorganized and cluttered!

Really loving my planner since, of course, I am very busy. The art inside the planner is simple, colorful, and adorable, which makes planning exciting! However, this planner does not have the day-by-day planning that I was looking for. My solution to this problem?

Creating a bullet journal of course!



Don't think you are creative or neat enough to have a bullet journal?

No need to worry, I have created a daily planning printable so you don't have to worry about how to structure your plans for the day. Download it here for FREE (no email subscriptions, really) and let me know if it works for you!

Created by yours truly!

Created by yours truly!