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tips to become a morning person

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I love sleeping in.


Who doesn't? Ditching the alarm clock for some quality time with my bed is necessary every once in a while. But I also have this tiny voice inside of me saying "You need to wake up early to be more productive!" Therefore, I aim to wake up between 7:00AM and 8:00AM most days. Some days I struggle with this because I was not born to naturally wake up before the sun has risen and be ready for the day. So with some strategizing, I came up with a few ideas to help me get out of bed with my alarm!

1. Plan your day the night before

If the thought of planning out your to-do list first thing in the morning is daunting, try doing it the night before. Not only does this take some of the dread out of your morning tasks, it also can help you be more productive! According to motivational speaker Jack Canfield, with a solid plan for your day, you can spend the day attacking your to-do list tasks instead of reacting to what other people do during the day. Furthermore, your night planning can make your subconscious mind work on how to turn your plans into reality. Check out Jack Canfield's 1-minute video explaining the benefits of planning your day the night before.

2. Adopt a ritual of doing something enjoyable first thing in the morning

Yes, I know 'enjoyable' and 'early mornings' probably should coincide in one sentence. But for those of you that dread the chirping of your alarm first thing in the morning, I would recommend giving this method a try! It has worked well for me so far. My enjoyable ritual? Bagel & peanut butter + coffee. While it may seem silly that breakfast is something that I classify as so enjoyable that I will get out of bed for it, it is very true!  I am always very hungry when I wake up. But what you do does not have to be breakfast! Perhaps you enjoy reading, journaling, working out, scrolling through Pinterest,etc. Whatever it is, allocate at least 10 minutes in the morning to enjoy it before starting the craziness of your day.

3. Set the alarm only once

Scary thought! What I have found though is that when I would set 4 or 5 times for my alarm to go off in the morning, I would oversleep despite waking up & turning all of them off! Some mornings I would not even remember turning the alarms off.  I think subconsciously I knew that after my first one, I still had a few back ups so I could just resume sleeping. Well that is just what I did! According to the Huffington Post,  setting multiple alarms or snoozing your alarm over and over only disrupts sleep.  So I tried setting just one alarm and forcing myself not to snooze it...and it worked! Again, my subconscious must have known that I only had that one chance to wake up, so I did! 


4. Place your alarm so you MUST get out of bed to turn it off

This has probably been the most helpful tip that I have tried to help me get my day started bright & early. When I would set my phone alarm and leave it on the bedside table, it would be promptly snoozed and I would immediately fall back to sleep. To solve this, I started setting the alarm on my iPadand placing it on the bathroom counter (which is connected to our bedroom). Now, the alarm sounds and there is no way to turn it off without having to get out of bed. And since I am already in the bathroom, I might as well wash my face, brush my teeth, and start my day! Plus there are some pretty cool alarms out there now that are specifically made to get you out of bed!

Image:  Nanda Home  via  Mashable

Image: Nanda Home via Mashable

I hope these tips can help you get started on the right track to become a morning person! Have any tips of your own that make mornings easier? Leave a comment below :)