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You may have clicked on this post with the question "what is my life purpose?" on your mind, right?

Well, I hate to break it to you, but this post isn’t going to give you that answer. Simply because I do not know and cannot possibly tell you your life purpose. And neither can any self-help, self-discovery, self-whatever book that's out there.  But what this post will do is give you some insight on how I answered that question for myself and how you can, too!






1. No one can figure out your life purpose besides you

When trying to figure out the purpose to your existence you must realize that no one can do it for you. No other person can ever fully understand your inner values, your true desires, what you live for, etc. Okay, I know, that is presumably why you are reading this because YOU are struggling to figure it out. Don’t worry, I am getting to the part where I can help! Just keep in mind that question is for you and only you to answer.


2. Purpose…meaning…really those words are just a bunch of BS

Think about it…is purpose something that is factual? No, it is a concept that has different definitions for every single person. So stop feeling sorry for yourself because your life has “no purpose.” In reality, no one’s does! Decide what actions you would classify as purposeful and meaningful in YOUR life and aim towards living that way. However, remember that even if you do those actions you are not purposeful. You are YOU.


3. The question "who am I?" is actually not going to get you anywhere.

You are Jane Smith, or whatever your name is. You are you. That question I actually can answer. However, to truly discover the purpose of your life, stop spending your days speculating the question "who am I?" and try challenging yourself with new questions!


Here are some prompts to get you started:


Prompt #1

What do you want most in life? 

If you answer wealth or power or beauty, I dare you to question those responses. Let's say you do become wealthy or powerful or beautiful or all of the above. Are those things going to make you truly happy? 

Prompt #2

What do you care about?

Your family? Your friends?  God? Art? Clothes? Ninja turtles? Whatever your thing is, make sure you have a good grasp on what you care about most in your life.

Prompt #3

 How do you spend your free time?

Reading, playing the guitar, obsessively pinning on Pinterest, hot yoga, playing Pokemon Go? I'm sure this question will be an easy one to answer, we all have to do something that we enjoy, even just a little bit. Now think about that further. I think this quote ties into my point quite nicely: 

Prompt #4

What do you daydream about when really you should be working?

Don't take this question the wrong way...I really do not want to know about your fantasies with the stud from The Bachelor (although I will admit, he is pretty handsome). What are your dreams about your ideal job, a place you want to visit, a skill you want to learn? If you are really uninterested, or even worse hating the job you are in currently, and all you do is dream about doing something different, contemplate how you could possibly make those dreams real!

Prompt #5

Picture this: you get a day pass to leave your current job and spend the day at any other job anywhere in the world; what would that be?

Unfortunately, being a trophy wife for some celebrity does not count. Although 5 years ago that would probably have been my answer. Every occupation is going to have its ups and downs, but what can you picture yourself doing that would be enjoyable? A very big mistake that my 17-year-old self made when choosing a major to pursue in college was having only one thing in mind: money. Well I can now say with absolute certainty that money will not make you happy. I was working at a job that paid $130,000 a year and I was so horribly miserable. So my advice is simply this: seek a career that you can see yourself doing every day for the next however many years with a smile on your face.

Prompt #6

What idea makes you so excited that you could stay up all night working to make it a reality?

This one was easy for me because there were so many nights when I stayed up until 5 or 6 in the morning reading. Have you ever done this before?

Prompt #7

What are you living for?

This question was one of the harder ones for me to answer. At the time when I asked my boyfriend he simply responded "to survive." TO SURVIVE?! Obviously knowing how to survive is a necessity, but I want my life to be more than that! I have been blessed with a healthy, capable mind and body and I am going to use that more than just to survive. I want to LIVE. I want to LOVE. I want to experience everything I possibly can. So what are you living for?

Prompt #8

What do you crave to learn, read, or experience?

Have you always wanted to learn how to paint? Change your own oil? Build a chair? Read some Walt Whitman? Go to the Great Wall of China? There are desires inside all of us that we secretly wish we could do. Let's stop wishing and make sh*t happen!

Prompt #9

Describe who you are in three words.


Ponder these nine prompts for a bit. Dig up the answers from underneath all the trivial day-to-day babble that we tend to get our minds way too wrapped up it. I recommend writing these prompts, along with your daily thoughts, ideas, and goals in a journal. Writing in a journal has helped me to organize my goals, tasks, and ideas so that I have better clarity of my purpose.