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"Yeah, okay, I will get off the couch once I find some motivation."

No, no. You will be on the couch forever (okay, that's exaggerative, but probably longer than you need to be) if you wait around for motivation. Unless your goal in life is to binge-watch Netflix for 10 hours a day, you really need to get up and get out in the world! Trust me, I've spent so many days in this lackadaisical mind set that at one point I am pretty sure me and the couch morphed together as one. 



It's hard, I know. I had motivation and inspiration and goals but I still fell into this trap after I quit my day job. It was winter so naturally I chose to cocoon myself with 57 blankets and meet my other half in the living room. (My other half being the couch, not my boyfriend, by the way). Then on one particularly dreary day I happened upon a glimmer of hope. I read  Mark Manson's article on The "Do Something" Principle. This principle is simple. See, most people wait around for inspiration in order to become motivated to work toward completing the actions that they want to pursue in life. 

Inspiration > Motivation > Action

Manson, however, describes that he realized the inspiration needed for motivation and action is often impeded by overwhelmingly negative emotions. Thus to reverse this cycle, he suggest to "do something." To put action FIRST!

Action > Inspiration > Motivation

Finally, after reading his article and realizing how much sense it made, I ended my relationship with the couch and... did something! (Bet you didn't think I was going to say that!) 

So what did I do? If you are expecting me to say I went from dating my couch to world explorer I hate to let you down but that is far from the case. I was depressed, alone, and job-less. So I started with baby steps. That very day I read Manson's article I jumped up, swaddled myself in a hat, scarf, coat, boots, and gloves (even though I grew up in Northern Ohio I still somehow found 40 degrees in Georgia to be frigid) and went for a walk. Camera in hand of course. I didn't have a destination or set amount of time that I wanted to walk, I just knew I literally had not left the house in over a week so fresh air should do me some good, right? It did! I walked for two hours and it didn't even feel like two hours!

Baby steps. That was the key for me to start taking action. To "do something." And once you start taking action, I can assure you that the inspiration and motivation to work toward your dreams will come. 

Now stop reading this and GO DO SOMETHING!

(And if my words have still not convinced you to get up, at least check out this 5 minute read on The "Do Something" Principle)