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be patient with yourself

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Being patient with yourself is a difficult task, especially when trying to make a major life change! However, it is essential to remain patient in order to prevent frustration and burn out. I cannot illustrate the importance of patience better than Mark Manson can in his 10 minute read entitled "Shut Up and Be Patient." I highly encourage you to read this, even just for the introductory paragraph, which includes Manson's rather amusing description of the iceberg scene from Titanic. It had me laughing out loud (literally!) Anyway, to sum up Manson's point, he writes  "our minds are essentially accumulations of habits" which make up our identity. Our identities have been building up over the course of lives and Manson compares this to the speed of the Titanic cruising through the ocean, and how incredibly hard it is to turn it or change its direction. (Hence why the Titanic hit the iceberg; it could not be turned fast enough.) So if there is a part of your identity that you desire to change just keep this in mind: it has probably been a part of your identity for the majority of, if not your entire life. How do you expect to change something like that in a month? 

So my friends, be patient, take baby steps, work hard and just patient yourself! Your season to bloom will come :)