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misson: quit day job & travel the world

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"I got excited. I just wanted to shout it from on top of a mountain!"


Oh Ron Burgundy how I can relate to your excitement!

It was one of those 3AM wide awake, why can't I fall asleep kind of nights. I decided to go against every bit of advice that is out there on falling asleep by grabbing my phone and browse around the world wide web.  Somehow I stumbled across this Mark guy's website. I skimmed his archives of numerous articles, some with pretty amusing titles. One in particular caught my eye:




I already had the quitting my job part done, so tell me, Mark Manson, how can I travel the world? So despite it being close to 4AM at this point, I read the 14 minute read. 


Mind-blown. World-shattered.

Every thought that he conveyed and every feeling he described was so identical to how I felt when I quit my day job it was actually frightening. 

I continued reading his work until 6:30 in the morning (this is why they say not to look at your electronic devices in bed!)  His writing embodies the most creative analogies, metaphors, and descriptive imagery that I have read in a while. And with his potty-mouth and overt self-confidence you can tell this dude does not give a f*** about what other people think of him! Needless to say, I am obsessed with his style of writing. Hence why he is my latest idol!

 I was so inspired and so excited to write after this late night (early morning?) discovery that I just wanted to shout it from on top of a mountain! But, like Ron Burgundy, I do not have a mountain. I don't have a newsroom either. Just this blog. For all of you to read about my excitement and to go read Mark Manson's articles, too! You'll thank me :)