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One of the most successful women that works for my company shared these thoughts earlier today and they really inspired me, so I thought I'd share them with my readers for a little motivation!

One of the most successful women that works for my company shared these thoughts earlier today and they really inspired me, so I thought I'd share them with my readers for a little motivation! Enjoy :)

"It's a new day. It's a new week. A positive and optimistic attitude can make all the difference. Our attitude determines our approach to life and our relationships with people. Our attitude determines what type of people we draw to our business. Attitude affects behavior, belief, commitment, discipline, relationships, influence, happiness, enthusiasm, resilience, and perseverance. Our attitude is often the key to success." 

-Bonnie Sloan


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1. You can always go back to college!

If you take a year off to work on your art or music or business and it does not work out, guess what? Yep, you can still go to college when you are 19 or 20, the same way that you can when you are 18. There's no age limit (obviously)! But for me, however, I cannot go back in time and save myself the time and money that I spent in pharmacy school. But I don't regret it. Everything in life happens for a reason, and if I had not gone to pharmacy school, I wouldn't have met Gary and all of the friends that I have, so college was a blessing in that regard. 

As Bill Gates once said in regards to his status at Harvard,

  "...if things [Microsoft] hadn't worked out, I could always go back to school. I was officially on [a] leave [of absence]."


2. If you are hesitant, don't waste your time (and money!) on a business degree

If you have goals and dreams to start your own business, invent something, etc. don't waste your time on a business degree. While I can't say this from experience, clearly, there have been numerous business major graduates that have told me they have not used their degrees once. No employer has asked or cared!


3. If you excelled in high school but don't enjoy going  to class, college is not for you

I was a 4.0 student in high school and received a 30 ACT score aka I was pretty damn smart. So college seemed logical for me. But there was only one problem: I HATED school. In my senior year of high school, I skipped class ALL the time. And that carried on into college. I regularly skipped class, and even when I did go, I sat in the back row scrolling through my Facebook or Pinterest feed. So how did I manage to graduate with honors from a doctorate program? Well, I learn best from teaching myself. I would leave class, head to the library, and read the textbooks and notes on my own. Each student has his or her way of learning, and that is how I learn best. I don't retain information by someone talking at me. That method of learning continues in my life today as that is how I have taught myself photography, how I have taught myself to create a website, etc. I am so determined to make a career for myself through self-education. So if you're anything like me, skip the pricey tuition bill and reach your goals through self-education.


4. The parties and sororities and friends that come along with college are pretty awesome but...

...all of that can be obtained without having to get yourself into student loan debt. Well, maybe not the sororities but you get my point. I will admit the one benefit that I got out of college was the social interaction. I developed life-long friendships and learned valuable life lessons such as how to live independently away from home, how to manage my time between studying and having a social life, and why I'll never drink vodka again. Then again those life lessons can most certainly be learned outside of going to college.


5. If you decide college is right for you, please make sure you take your time choosing a major!

Choosing a major is a daunting task and for good reason! If your major is going to reflect the career that will earn you a living for the rest of your life, the one you choose is crucial! Of course, you can always change your major if you have a change of heart, but from what I hear that can be a brutal process. So take the time to find out what you love! How? Here are a few ideas:

  • Follow prompts to reflect on what is important to you, what you value, and what you want out of your life. I keep a journal to reflect on these topics whenever I am feeling unmotivated! 


  • Go explore! If you want to go to college, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to go somewhere AWAY from home! Although I missed seeing my family and friends on a regular basis, leaving home was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Duquesne was merely an hour drive from home, but it still was far enough that I did not want to commute. So I lived on my own first in the dorms and then in an apartment all while exploring a new city! 



If you don't take anything else away from this post besides this piece of advice, I would be happy! Don't be like me and enter into a career that you do not foresee yourself falling in love just because it is a high salary job. Trust me, no amount of money would ever get me to go back to being a retail pharmacist! And now I have to take responsibility for my wrong choice of career and hustle until I create a successful business for myself. I refuse to live another second of my life doing something that makes me so unhappy. 


7. College: the most glorified scam there is.

It is the belief in our society that young adults need to get themselves INTO DEBT receiving a college education... just so they can graduate and hopefully get a job to GET OUT OF DEBT. I don't know about you, but that just sounds like pure insanity to me. I love learning, but why does it have to come with such an expensive price tag? I would be more supportive of higher education if universities and loan companies weren't wringing me dry for every penny that I'm worth. That is why I (and Gary!) believe that college is the most glorified scam there is! 

Attention Girl Bosses!

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Being you own boss can be difficult at times. It requires a ton of self-discipline, a strong work ethic, and most importantly to believe in yourself! Most of the time I am pretty good at keeping myself in check in those areas, but on the days when my drive and motivation are lacking, I pick myself back up by reading inspirational quotes. I have gathered 10 of my favorites to share with you for those days when the motivation is needed!


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I love this quote because it can reveal what your true priorities are in life.


You might say that growing your business is important to you. Then you follow up by saying, "But I just don't have the time." Well, it must not be that important to you then! If it is important to you, you WILL find a way. Time is just an excuse. However, you WILL have to make sacrifices to find more time. For example, if you take that hour of TV you watch every night and instead use that time to work on your business, by the end of the week that is 7 hours devoted to growing your business! There, you added almost a whole extra work day to the week, simply by cutting out your Breaking Bad episode. It might be hard to say no to some of the things you do for fun, but it will be worth it in the end!

As Sarah Robbins puts it in 

"You may have to learn to say 'no' for a little while so you can say 'yes' to the things you love - for the rest of your life!"



Nothing is more important to me right now than succeeding in my business. From when I wake up until I go to sleep I am reading, researching, and working toward improving myself and improving my business! And it may be a slow and steady journey, but I can see myself making progress and that is what motivates me every day! 


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"She was unstoppable. Not because she did not have failures or doubts. But because she continued on despite them."

beau taplin - Unstoppable

I simply love this quote! It is by Beau Taplin, one of my favorite authors. I thoroughly enjoy his descriptive language, metaphors, and honest words. I am excited to begin reading his collection Bloom, which includes 140 poems on growth, the heart, their stories, their scars, the challenging times, and the spectacular ones. 

live, love, learn

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to live simply...

...can mean different things to different people. To me, it means creating a life filled with experiences and memories - not things. Somehow through my 7 years of living away from mom and dad, I have collected a lot of clutter - clothes, furniture, books, memorabilia, etc. It's nothing like Hoarders bad or anything. But I still want to part with the items that I no longer need, so I can move on to a simpler life.

to love generously... my opinion is to not only tell your family/friends/spouse that you love them but to also show them. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture. Something small, such as a card in the mail to a loved one that is far from home or helping out around the house to make someone's day less stressful will most likely mean a lot to that person. Besides, it is the little things that make life as sweet as a peach ;)


to learn constantly...

... let me begin by saying this: I love learning! But I hate school. (And also disagree with the entire education system in the United States, but that is a topic for another day.) I am constantly trying to teach myself about new topics or learn new skills. I think continual learning is a necessity for a well-balanced, happy life. And learning doesn't have to be limited to reading textbooks or listening to lectures. Learning is as simple as going out in the world and seeing new places or talking to a person about their perspective on a certain issue. There is so much to learn in this world that I crave to be learning constantly!

spectacular achievement

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parts of my life are quite unspectacular... coffee is unspectacular, my handwriting is unspectacular, my photos are unspectacular...




Because these aspects of my life, and many more, are all preparing me for spectacular achievement! 


So my handwriting is a bit messy...who cares if my writing is all in preparation to launch me toward success with my blog?

So my photos are not the best...I am practicing every day to become a better photographer and I love this hobby!

So my coffee is black...well my savings from not buying a $5 Starbucks drink every day is accelerating me that little bit further toward paying off my debt!

Basically, my point is that while we are working hard every day toward accomplishing our goals, the process may seem unspectacular, but it is all preparing us for a life filled with spectacular achievement! 

a goal without a plan is just a wish

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2017 and I got off to a bad start. You could say that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed for the new year. I made a few mistakes during the holiday season, and I also couldn't get a clear focus of where I wanted my life to go. In an effort to improve certain aspects of my life, my January involved a lot of things that some may classify as mundane: reading, studying, researching, brainstorming, and planning. But this month was far from mundane! I learned SO much about myself in such a short time frame! The inspiration and motivation began to pour in the more I learned! And with all of this ambition I have begun to formulate new goals for myself.

The beginning of January is typically the time for people to make their new year resolutions, but with my rocky start, I have just established my 2017 goals now in the end of January. Better late than never I suppose! With that being said, now comes the hard part: planning out how I will achieve these goals. I like to believe that I am good at planning, but in reality I am not. I make lists and outlines and schedules all of the time, but I never stick to them. When I saw this quote, "A goal without a plan is just a wish," I knew I really needed to focus on becoming better at planning. That is my resolution for February, creating plans for my goals instead of just wishing they would happen! 

a little progress each day

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Reminder for today: A little progress each day adds up to big results.

Although I have been taking many steps forward to make positive changes in my life, yesterday was a step backward for me. I allowed fear, doubt, and frustration to control my thoughts instead of believing in myself and being patient.  It wasn't until late at night that I realized I was being impatient with myself and failing to recognize how much progress I have made so far. While I might only be making baby steps toward my goals each day, it is still progress and I know one day it will add up to big results!

doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will

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I read a lot. Books, articles, websites, blogs, etc. Lately, I have mostly been reading advice and stories from successful entrepreneurs. Want to know a common theme I have found amongst my readings?


Yes, failure is the recurring theme of these success stories. But how does that make sense? I have come to the conclusion that unless you are very lucky or extremely gifted at what you do, you will have to fail MANY TIMES before you can succeed. If you are starting a business, for example, you will have to experiment with different strategies on how to build your business, how to advertise it, and how to keep your clientele coming back. The key word in that last sentence is experiment. To further explain my point, below is a section from the eBook written by one of my idols, Mark Manson:

... a friend of mine recently started a high-risk business venture. He dried up most of his savings trying to make it work and it failed. Today, he’s happier than ever for his experience. It taught him many lessons about what he wanted and didn’t want in life and it eventually led him to his current job, which he loves.”
— The Guide to Happiness by Mark Manson

 While it might not seem like it at the time, experimenting with your ideas and having some of them fail is perfectly fine! That is how you learn and how you improve. The most important part of this process is to never doubt yourself! Because while failures can cause bumps along your road to success, doubt will just completely block off that road! Always believe that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle!


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"Expect nothing and watch how quickly your happiness blooms." -KR

The quote above is from yours truly! It took me a very, very long time to realize that certain expectations can lead to severe unhappiness! However, this post is not about lowering expectations, but rather realizing if certain expectations are actually realistic. 

A perfect example happened this past Christmas. Let me preface this story by saying that I LOVE Christmas. Gary, on the other hand, is not as enthusiastic about Christmas as I am. While it would probably be fun if he was a Christmas-fanatic like myself, I understand his reasoning behind it: he thinks all the hype of presents and decorations and Santa take away from the real meaning behind Christmas. And I 100% agree with him that it does. But my inner child chooses to deny that and instead get super excited about baking cookies and putting up the Christmas tree. Nothing wrong with a little fun, right?

So what does this have to do with expectations? Well, this past Christmas Eve, Gary had to work for most of the day and I was off. Therefore, I decided I would try to make our Christmas Eve really special by cooking a fancy dinner and planning a night full of fun Christmas activities: baking cookies, cozy-ing up by the fire, and watching The Christmas Story. Hey, if I came home from work to that, I would be ecstatic! 

See, my expectation was for him to really enjoy and appreciate all of the effort that I put forth to make the night special. Yet, when he got home he seemed distant and quiet. When my expectation did not meet reality I became offended. I assumed that he did not appreciate what I did, thus causing me to become upset. What I failed to realize then was that he did appreciate everything that I prepared. However, he had a stressful day at work and like I mentioned earlier,  not the type to get super excited about Christmas activities. 

What I have learned from this Christmas Eve example is that creating expectations can inhibit us from being happy. Since then, if I ever feel myself becoming irritated or upset with someone for either doing something or failing to do something, I will take a step back and ask myself: is it realistic to expect this person to perform this action?

Sometimes it is okay to expect things from other people. Like let's say you are in a relationship, you have the right to expect them to be faithful to you. If that person were to not be faithful to you, you can rightfully be upset with them. However, if you are with someone and you expect them to clean their dirty dishes instead of just setting them in the sink, is it realistic for you to be angry at them for not doing so? If you have addressed the issue with them previously, then perhaps you do have the right to. But if you are just assuming they should know to do this then I challenge you to question your expectations.

Give this perspective on expectations a try for just one day and see if you find anything out about yourself! If you start to experience negative feelings toward another person for a way they are acting, ask yourself: what is my expectation for this person and is it realistic for me to expect this of them? I think you will be surprised at how many unrealistic expectations we have programmed into our minds unknowingly! If you do give it a try, let me know how it goes :)


we are what we believe we are

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My thoughts on this quote:

I am Kaitlyn Rose. No one else is or ever will be me. If I believe that I am a failure due to my past mistakes, then I am living in the past and will be a failure. If I believe that there is no way I will ever accomplish my goals because of certain circumstances, then I am living in the future and I will not accomplish my goals. If I just keep my mind focused on the present and have a hard-working mindset I can accomplish ANYTHING!

That is all :)

tips to become a morning person

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I love sleeping in.


Who doesn't? Ditching the alarm clock for some quality time with my bed is necessary every once in a while. But I also have this tiny voice inside of me saying "You need to wake up early to be more productive!" Therefore, I aim to wake up between 7:00AM and 8:00AM most days. Some days I struggle with this because I was not born to naturally wake up before the sun has risen and be ready for the day. So with some strategizing, I came up with a few ideas to help me get out of bed with my alarm!

1. Plan your day the night before

If the thought of planning out your to-do list first thing in the morning is daunting, try doing it the night before. Not only does this take some of the dread out of your morning tasks, it also can help you be more productive! According to motivational speaker Jack Canfield, with a solid plan for your day, you can spend the day attacking your to-do list tasks instead of reacting to what other people do during the day. Furthermore, your night planning can make your subconscious mind work on how to turn your plans into reality. Check out Jack Canfield's 1-minute video explaining the benefits of planning your day the night before.

2. Adopt a ritual of doing something enjoyable first thing in the morning

Yes, I know 'enjoyable' and 'early mornings' probably should coincide in one sentence. But for those of you that dread the chirping of your alarm first thing in the morning, I would recommend giving this method a try! It has worked well for me so far. My enjoyable ritual? Bagel & peanut butter + coffee. While it may seem silly that breakfast is something that I classify as so enjoyable that I will get out of bed for it, it is very true!  I am always very hungry when I wake up. But what you do does not have to be breakfast! Perhaps you enjoy reading, journaling, working out, scrolling through Pinterest,etc. Whatever it is, allocate at least 10 minutes in the morning to enjoy it before starting the craziness of your day.

3. Set the alarm only once

Scary thought! What I have found though is that when I would set 4 or 5 times for my alarm to go off in the morning, I would oversleep despite waking up & turning all of them off! Some mornings I would not even remember turning the alarms off.  I think subconsciously I knew that after my first one, I still had a few back ups so I could just resume sleeping. Well that is just what I did! According to the Huffington Post,  setting multiple alarms or snoozing your alarm over and over only disrupts sleep.  So I tried setting just one alarm and forcing myself not to snooze it...and it worked! Again, my subconscious must have known that I only had that one chance to wake up, so I did! 


4. Place your alarm so you MUST get out of bed to turn it off

This has probably been the most helpful tip that I have tried to help me get my day started bright & early. When I would set my phone alarm and leave it on the bedside table, it would be promptly snoozed and I would immediately fall back to sleep. To solve this, I started setting the alarm on my iPadand placing it on the bathroom counter (which is connected to our bedroom). Now, the alarm sounds and there is no way to turn it off without having to get out of bed. And since I am already in the bathroom, I might as well wash my face, brush my teeth, and start my day! Plus there are some pretty cool alarms out there now that are specifically made to get you out of bed!

Image:  Nanda Home  via  Mashable

Image: Nanda Home via Mashable

I hope these tips can help you get started on the right track to become a morning person! Have any tips of your own that make mornings easier? Leave a comment below :)

be patient with yourself

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Being patient with yourself is a difficult task, especially when trying to make a major life change! However, it is essential to remain patient in order to prevent frustration and burn out. I cannot illustrate the importance of patience better than Mark Manson can in his 10 minute read entitled "Shut Up and Be Patient." I highly encourage you to read this, even just for the introductory paragraph, which includes Manson's rather amusing description of the iceberg scene from Titanic. It had me laughing out loud (literally!) Anyway, to sum up Manson's point, he writes  "our minds are essentially accumulations of habits" which make up our identity. Our identities have been building up over the course of lives and Manson compares this to the speed of the Titanic cruising through the ocean, and how incredibly hard it is to turn it or change its direction. (Hence why the Titanic hit the iceberg; it could not be turned fast enough.) So if there is a part of your identity that you desire to change just keep this in mind: it has probably been a part of your identity for the majority of, if not your entire life. How do you expect to change something like that in a month? 

So my friends, be patient, take baby steps, work hard and just patient yourself! Your season to bloom will come :)


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"Yeah, okay, I will get off the couch once I find some motivation."

No, no. You will be on the couch forever (okay, that's exaggerative, but probably longer than you need to be) if you wait around for motivation. Unless your goal in life is to binge-watch Netflix for 10 hours a day, you really need to get up and get out in the world! Trust me, I've spent so many days in this lackadaisical mind set that at one point I am pretty sure me and the couch morphed together as one. 



It's hard, I know. I had motivation and inspiration and goals but I still fell into this trap after I quit my day job. It was winter so naturally I chose to cocoon myself with 57 blankets and meet my other half in the living room. (My other half being the couch, not my boyfriend, by the way). Then on one particularly dreary day I happened upon a glimmer of hope. I read  Mark Manson's article on The "Do Something" Principle. This principle is simple. See, most people wait around for inspiration in order to become motivated to work toward completing the actions that they want to pursue in life. 

Inspiration > Motivation > Action

Manson, however, describes that he realized the inspiration needed for motivation and action is often impeded by overwhelmingly negative emotions. Thus to reverse this cycle, he suggest to "do something." To put action FIRST!

Action > Inspiration > Motivation

Finally, after reading his article and realizing how much sense it made, I ended my relationship with the couch and... did something! (Bet you didn't think I was going to say that!) 

So what did I do? If you are expecting me to say I went from dating my couch to world explorer I hate to let you down but that is far from the case. I was depressed, alone, and job-less. So I started with baby steps. That very day I read Manson's article I jumped up, swaddled myself in a hat, scarf, coat, boots, and gloves (even though I grew up in Northern Ohio I still somehow found 40 degrees in Georgia to be frigid) and went for a walk. Camera in hand of course. I didn't have a destination or set amount of time that I wanted to walk, I just knew I literally had not left the house in over a week so fresh air should do me some good, right? It did! I walked for two hours and it didn't even feel like two hours!

Baby steps. That was the key for me to start taking action. To "do something." And once you start taking action, I can assure you that the inspiration and motivation to work toward your dreams will come. 

Now stop reading this and GO DO SOMETHING!

(And if my words have still not convinced you to get up, at least check out this 5 minute read on The "Do Something" Principle)


misson: quit day job & travel the world

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"I got excited. I just wanted to shout it from on top of a mountain!"


Oh Ron Burgundy how I can relate to your excitement!

It was one of those 3AM wide awake, why can't I fall asleep kind of nights. I decided to go against every bit of advice that is out there on falling asleep by grabbing my phone and browse around the world wide web.  Somehow I stumbled across this Mark guy's website. I skimmed his archives of numerous articles, some with pretty amusing titles. One in particular caught my eye:




I already had the quitting my job part done, so tell me, Mark Manson, how can I travel the world? So despite it being close to 4AM at this point, I read the 14 minute read. 


Mind-blown. World-shattered.

Every thought that he conveyed and every feeling he described was so identical to how I felt when I quit my day job it was actually frightening. 

I continued reading his work until 6:30 in the morning (this is why they say not to look at your electronic devices in bed!)  His writing embodies the most creative analogies, metaphors, and descriptive imagery that I have read in a while. And with his potty-mouth and overt self-confidence you can tell this dude does not give a f*** about what other people think of him! Needless to say, I am obsessed with his style of writing. Hence why he is my latest idol!

 I was so inspired and so excited to write after this late night (early morning?) discovery that I just wanted to shout it from on top of a mountain! But, like Ron Burgundy, I do not have a mountain. I don't have a newsroom either. Just this blog. For all of you to read about my excitement and to go read Mark Manson's articles, too! You'll thank me :)

what do we live for?

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"What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?"

-George Eliot

G+K.   Ocho Rios, Jamaica.   2016.

I love this quote because one of my life goals is to somehow contribute to making other people's lives less difficult. I thought that I could do this when I started my career as a pharmacist. I went to school for 6 years, received my doctorate degree in pharmacy, and was a "medication expert" as they say. Yet after 2 years of being a pharmacist, I realized that people either did not want my help or did not appreciate it. On a daily basis other people made me feel horrible when all I was trying to do was help them! This (among numerous other reasons) is why I left my job as a retail pharmacist. Granted, there probably are other careers in the field of pharmacy that would enable me to help others in a way in which they would benefit from and appreciate it, but I am not searching for that career at the present moment. Why? I feel as if there are other ways in which I can use my skills to help others, like this blog for example.