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confidence is a skill, not a personality trait

I used to think that confidence was a personality trait. One that I would never have since I am an introvert, I have a quiet demeanor, and I prefer to not be the center of attention. A turning point for me was when I learned that being an introvert and being shy are two completely different things.

Being an introvert simply means that my energy levels can be easily drained when I am in large groups of people and I feel recharged when I am alone. The opposite applies to extroverts; they find energy through being with other people and prefer not to be alone. Understanding this concept gave me hope that I could build a confident life even though I am an introvert.

confidence starts with your mindset

We must realize that confidence ultimately comes from within. I often hear people say that losing weight, wearing the best clothes, or perfecting their makeup will make them feel more confident. But I disagree. There is no external factor that can give us true confidence. While all of those things might make us feel good, that feeling is temporary.

Developing confidence that will last starts with deciding in our minds that we ARE confident.

What helped me to grasp this concept was a quote by C.S. Lewis:

"We are what we believe we are".

Below are more quotes that have helped me to change my mindset and build my confidence!